Established since 1976, Nosafood JSC is the one of the oldest food processing company in Vietnam with slogan: Mothers' Secrets. Quality policy: Nosafood - Ong Cha Va_ Safe – Natural - Delicious - Convenient. The company always produces high quality products and obtains the great trust from consumers.

Nosafood joint stock company was originally found in 1976, formerly Research Station Agricultural Food Processing Food Company of Ho Chi Minh City (Foodcosa). Since 1995 became the Business Processing Enterprise Agriculture and Food (Nosafood).                                        

     May 2005,  the factory was equitizied and operated under the name Agricultural Food Processing and Business Nosafood JSC. Since September 1st 2015, officially called NOSAFOOD JSC  


Nosafood products as: dipping sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, hoisin sauce, satay, sweet and sour sauce and soup flavor. Specially, Ong Cha Va brand has been confirmed with an outstanding quality. Nosafood – Ong Cha Va is always proud of being awarded as Vietnam High Quality Goods, and gained HACCP from English Standard Institute, Halal certificate about food safety and certificate of FDA from America.